Penobscot Bay Drifting Buoy Experiment in 2000

Four drifting buoys were deployed in Penobscot Bay on 7 September 2000 from the R/V Alice Siegmund. These drifting buoys are drogued at a depth of 15 meters and transmit using the Argos telemetry system onboard NOAA's polar orbiting satellites. Sea surface temperature and battery voltages are transmitted in addition to the position information obtained from the Argos system. All four buoys were recovered by 26 September 2000.

PTT IDLatitudeLongitude DateTime (UTC)
1786244 08.929'N068 56.209'W7 Sept 20001703
1726444 06.208'N068 58.213'W7 Sept 20001719
1786644 06.228'N068 59.793'W7 Sept 20001729
1726544 06.230'N069 01.803'W7 Sept 20001739