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Physical Oceanography Group
School of Marine Sciences
University of Maine

GoMoos Buoy M0130

MooringDateBufferData TypeDepthComments
M01302020-11-08 20:50ALLALL Redeployed by R/V Connecticut
M01302020-11-08 20:51ALLALL unable to dial in to iridium modem. Modem will not answer. Can connect occasionally at end of callback session before hangup
M01302020-11-11 18:33sbe3711m SM becoming intermittent
M01302020-11-19 15:33sbe371last data received from 1m SM ause unknown, can't communicate with buoy
M01302020-12-04 00:54ALLALL SUNAs and IMS begin missing data and becoring badly intermittent. Some noise and corruption.

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